C7 Corvette Flex Fuel Kit - COMING SOON

C7 Corvette Flex Fuel Kit - COMING SOON

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This kit is built with simplicity in mind and takes up minimal room on the C7 Corvette. Unlike other kits, this keeps things clean and does not need a large feed line along with the sensor. The genuine GM ethanol content sensor will allow you to run normal 91/93 octane fuel, E85, or any blend ratio of the two. It works by sensing the ethanol content of the fuel being delivered to the engine, which allows the vehicles computer to adjust the tune accordingly for maximum performance and reliability. This happens via real time communication to ECU, so it is a seamless adjustment with no user action or input required. This kit is assembled with OEM style connectors, professional wire crimping, High Quality Tefzel ETFE wire, PTFE Fuel Line, and E85 safe components.  

Kit includes:

  • Genuine GM Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Application specific ethanol-safe plumbing 
  • Fuel line quick disconnect tool
  • Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness with no splicing required
  • Easy to follow installation instructions w/ colored pictures


*Custom tuning is required to activate the flex fuel capability, and is always recommended for maximum performance and reliability*