Corvette C6 Z06 Aviaid oil baffle system

The stock Corvette C6 Z06 oiling system is a great improvement over a stock wet sump oiling system. It is considered a dry sump oiling system, which essentially means there is an extra oil tank that is external of the engine. This tank is where most of the oil is held while the engine is running. The oil pump in the C6Z is still located inside the front cover driven on the crankshaft snout, but unlike wet sump LS engines, it has two pumps in one. The first pump is similar to a regular wet sump pump, and it's job it to scavenge oil out of the oil pan after it has been ran through the engine and drains down and pumps into the dry sump tank. The second pump that is built in is there to draw oil from the dry sump tank, and pressurize the oil galleys in the engine. 

(C6Z Dry Sump Oil Tank)


The short comings of this system in factory form are exposed under the high g forces generated from hard cornering, braking and acceleration. Oil can move away from the oil pan pick-up as well as the oil feed in the dry sump tank. This has lead to many C6Z's having oil starvation, which will destroy the engine in seconds. 

One great solution to solve these issues on the C6Z is the Aviaid oil pan and dry sump baffle system. In both the oil pan and the dry sump tank the oil will be controlled and will not slosh away from the pick-up and dry sump feed as described before. To accomplish this there is an insert in the oil pan with trap doors. These trap doors act as one-way valves to allow oil to flow to the pick-up, but not away as the trap doors will shut, keeping the oil at the pick up. There is also a windage tray that replaces the factory tray that keeps the oil off of the crank, which otherwise will rob horsepower. In the dry sump tank, there is an insert to control oil slosh, but without the use of trap doors. It also serves the purpose of preventing oil slosh into the factory PCV system which will draw oil into the intake. 

(Oil Pan Windage tray)

(Oil Pan Baffle Mounting Bolts)

This system is recommended to every customer that has a C6Z, and drives it at least semi-aggressively. This system costs less than 500$, and could very well prevent a complete engine failure resulting in a cost of thousands. 


As always, PLEASE reach out if you have any questions! 


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